About Us

AussieSoapers ("AS") was started on 9 February 1999 with the first post "THis is s test" (sic) issuing forth from the finger tips of the original Aussie soaper, Dianne Crossley. From these humble words came a very popular and friendly list.

In 2000 Dianne stepped back from running AS and handed the reins to Emma Skelton and Becca Saunders. Becca Saunders eventually moved on to other things and in late 2006 Emma Skelton handed the reigns over to Lisa WB. Lisa is called the "list mum" or "list owner" and can be contacted via email. Lisa also has her own soapmaking website called Australian Soapmakers which has its own soap calculator known as the OzCalc, as well as tips, articles, recipes, links and more. She also handles soapmaking questions from customers of Escentials of Australia Pty Ltd. Lisa has been soaping for over a decade and loves all things herby and natural.

The list now has around 200 members who range from dedicated lurkers yet to make soap, to people who've been soaping longer than some members have been alive. There are people who make soap as a hobby and some who make their living from their craft. While the majority of the soapers on AS are female, there are a few male members, of which we're very proud - so don't go addressing the list as "Ladies"!

As with any list, we have some rules. Please read them and abide by them as, while our list mum is a really nice person she is, like any mother, fiercely protective of her charges. Passionate debate is fine and encouraged, throwing insults on or off the list is not tolerated.


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