Swaps and Meets

What is a swap?

A swap is a great way to experiment and experience. It's a great way to get to know people and to share what you do with soap. AussieSoapers aims to have about 4 swaps a year where possible!

A swap starts when someone on the list notices we've not had one for a couple of weeks and so proposes one. A discussion starts about what kind of swap to have, such as a seasonal one (Spring or Christmas for example), or a guided one (no fragrant oils or animal products, for example). Someone volunteers to be the host/ess and calls for expressions of interest. There are usually 10-15 people in each swap. A closing date is set (usually about 2 months to allow CP soapers to participate) and people send off the same number of soaps as there are participants. This means that the host/ess can simply sort the soaps into identical piles and pack them off.

Swaps are a great way to get a variety of soaps in return for one of your creations. It will cost you the cost of your soaps plus postage to and from the hostess and packaging. The easiest way we've found is to get everyone to buy 2 $7.50 (or so?) pre-paid post packs and label one with their own address. By using a box that fits in these bags, you cut down on postage and everyone pays the same. It also means the host/ess doesn't have to go to the post office and remember who paid what and make sure money gets back to participants.

So, the soaps go to the host/ess and s/he packs them back up and posts them back. Then the excitement really starts as 10-15 people get packages to open and ooh and ahh about. Ideally, we get the recipes and photos of the soaps up so non-participants can take part. Have a look!

What is a Meet?

A meet is a gaggle of soapers. It is when a group of us decide it would be a great idea to actually meet face to face and share our obsession with all things bubbly. Usually it involves one brave soul offering to host and/or organise the get together and the rest of us have to simply show up!

Generally there are demonstrations done, lots of food and very good company. All in all an ejoyable day is had by all.

We then take embarrasing photo's of each other and put them up on our website....so go have a look-see!



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